How A Damaged Gutter Can Cause Leaking Roof

If you’ve been dealing with a roof that’s leaking, you may not realize your damaged gutters can be the culprit. Often, many homeowners ignore their gutters, thinking it’s unnecessary to care for them. Little do they know that the whole house can be flooded due to a damaged or broken gutter. When water can’t find its way down from the roof easily, it’ll begin to travel down the wall of the building and it can start to store in the foundation. During winter, the water may turn into ice, which may eventually lead to foundation crack. To avoid these issues, a roofing contractor will suggest that you clean out your gutter on a regular basis and repair any broken areas. So, how can a damaged gutter cause a leaking roof? You should consider the following points:

Stored Water

The gutter is meant to serve one main purpose – to allow the free flow of water down from the roofing. When the gutter is Clogged, and it is not cleared, there will be a hindrance in the flow of the water. As such, water will begin to store in the gutter when it rains. The stored water will fill the gutter, and the water may start to find its way through any tiny pore on the roofing, then your roofing will begin to leak. To avoid this, ensure to clear debris and all dirt out of your gutter. 

Ice Dam

Most roofs are made of metals. As such, they are prone to rusting reaction. However, for metal like your roofing to rust, it needs two major elements — water and air. For the water, it can come from undrained frozen rainwater on the roof. Apart from the weight of the ice being a major disadvantage to the roofing, the iced water will eventually start to react with the roofing. This will lead to rusting. When the roofing is rusty, it will lose its firmness, and it will become more porous.

Water Gets Under The Roof Shingles

If water can’t easily find their way down your gutter, they’ll begin to slip through the shingles. Gradually, they’ll be stored in the shingles and eventually travel to your ceiling and the woods in your roofing. The water will finally begin to leak when the ceiling and woods can’t soak any more water. This is another way a damaged gutter can cause a leaking roof. 

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